" Let's be absolutely clear about this, Charmaine is the greatest photographer in the world.  End of story."
- John Kerry &  Marcia Moran, Actors and Business Owners
The Casting Network, "Bringing Industry Professionals together since 1989"

"Charmaine runs a relaxed no pressure shoot. She's very sensitive to the subject and professional considerations (type, roles played) and willing to accommodate the artist while remaining true to her artistic sensibilities. My agent's comments started with, 'This is the best work you've done in front of a still camera since I've signed you!'"
- Michael Edwin, Actor

"Charmaine will give you exactly what you are looking for without draining your bank account or stressing you out.  The consummate professional as well as being a beautiful person inside and out, she is an absolute joy to work with.  And her retouching looks very natural so you still look like you."
- Alyssa Boyle, Actor and Business Owner, Cavewoman Bars

"Charmaine allows you to leave your ego outside the door so the only character left in the room to shoot is you."
John Locke, Actor



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